The art of time management is not easy, even for the most experienced. There are many steps of time management that have been tried and tested over the years. It can be difficult to find a strategy that works best for you and your lifestyle. One’s success in reducing clutter will depend on their approach to managing time, as well as how one prioritizes tasks.

Here are 15 steps of time management you can take to balance work and life at the same time:

Keep Track of Your Time

We all have the same amount of time in a day, but we don’t spend it equally. We can’t just will ourselves to do more than what is possible.

If you are constantly running out of time and feeling frustrated about it, try keeping track of how much time you actually spend on tasks during a week. The time tracker will give you a better idea of how much time to allocate for each task, and what is being wasted on things like watching TV or cleaning your room.

**Real life example: I tracked my day and found that I spend about 30 minutes in bed before falling asleep at night instead of the recommended half an hour. That means I need to cut back spending more than two hours reading books after work! (I’m not sure this strategy would work for everyone!)

Prioritise Tasks

You can’t do everything at once, and you need to choose what is most important. You want the tasks that are of high importance to be completed first, then lower priority ones towards the end. This way you will feel really productive when all done!

Prioritize your tasks with a time frame in mind: for example- “today” or “next two weeks”. You should also have short-term goals like cleaning one room instead of focusing on bigger projects like clearing out your garage. If it’s difficult to decide which task has higher priority, try breaking them down into categories such as work vs personal priorities; urgent vs not so urgent etcetera…

I use icalendar to schedule my meetings and then I put events in order of importance.

The most important ones are on the calendar first, but when it gets closer, they move up accordingly. If there’s an emergency meeting that needs attention quickly, I can just drag them over into the time slot for a higher priority event- like putting Friday night dinner with friends as more urgent than lunch today! This is one step of time management that will help you know the importance of the task.

I use the color coding on my phone to set a reminder for when an event is coming up-so it’s easy to quickly see what has priority.

The same system can be used for your personal time- which is more important: spending a few hours with friends or catching up on emails?

Create a to do list

There are many different types of to-do lists, but the most basic is a list that includes time frames for each task. The tasks can be ordered by importance or priority and then added as they come up in your head!

I use an app on my phone called “free planner” which has both categories. It’s very visual so it was easy to see what I had come up next. There were some days when it was overwhelming because there were lots of high priority tasks all in one day– like during exam season–so on those days I reduced my expectations for myself and only focused on completing two instead of three urgent items.

It’s also important to know your workflow and what tasks are best done at different times of day. I’m more productive when it comes to writing blog posts in the afternoon, so that is my time slot!

The to-do lists are great to have around when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

I like to make a list for the next day too so that I know what time slots are available and can also schedule meetings with my team or partners.

Taking Breaks

It’s important to take breaks, not only for your physical health but also so that you can get back on track. I find that when I work too much in a row without taking breaks it takes longer for me to focus and my quality of writing is not as good.

I like to set alarms every 50 minutes and force myself away from the computer or take five-minute walks around the block. It’s important to unplug completely though occasionally by going outside or spending time with friends so that you don’t burn out!

It’s important to know what tasks are best done during different parts of the day. Some people prefer digital tools where they assign certain tasks to designated time slots according to their workflow, while others find that breaks in between giving them a chance to rest and get back on track. Forcing yourself away from the computer every 50 minutes or taking five-minute walks around home/office will also help you stay focused.

If at any point in the day it feels like there’s too much on your plate and you’re starting to get anxious or frustrated, I recommend taking a break by going outside for 30 minutes or spending time with friends.

Break Big Tasks Up Into Smaller Chunks

It’s important to break big tasks up into smaller chunks so that they don’t seem overwhelming. For example, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with writing a blog post and have no idea what to write about then it can be helpful to list out the topics/topics for your article first before diving in!

I find that this helps me get over my initial writer’s block because I’m able to focus on one idea at a time as well as brainstorming different points or examples of something. It also breaks down the task into bite-sized pieces which makes them much easier than tackling an entire project altogether.

Break large tasks into small tasks by making lists instead of thinking too hard about everything at once.

This can help reduce writer’s block, focus on one idea at a time, and brainstorming different points or examples of something.

Break large tasks up into small tasks by making lists instead of thinking too hard about everything all at once. Because making the smaller tasks will be easy than tackling an entire project.

Find Your Most Productive Times

It’s important to know your workflow and which tasks are best done at different times of the day. I’m more productive when it comes to writing blog posts in the afternoon, so that is my time slot!

Some people prefer digital tools where they assign certain tasks to a designated time slot according to their workflow while others find that breaks in between give them an opportunity for rest and getting back on track.

Find out what works best for each person by experimenting with different things – some may be better suited early morning risers who do well late at night while others might struggle to stay focused

Become More Efficient

Time management is not about balancing your tasks to the last minute but instead, it’s about setting priorities and managing how you spend your time. This will allow one to complete a task in the most efficient way possible.

An example of this could be by taking care of an important meeting first before checking their emails or going on social media. It may also be worth prioritizing certain projects over others if they are due soon or have a larger workload involved with them.

These things can help people become more effective at using their time and better manage what needs to get done as well as when it should be completed by.

Another way one could manage their time effectively is by working hard until lunch before taking a break. If work starts getting busy again after the break, do not go back into it right away – instead, wait for things to slow down so as not to burn out. Doing things like these are key when prioritizing tasks between urgent ones versus less urgent ones

Accept Your Limitations

If you know that you cannot finish everything, do not try to force yourself. This will only cause more stress and prevent one from being productive or effective at all. Instead of fighting against the limitations, they have set for themselves, it is better to accept them as a way of gaining time in return for when things are due by and need completion.

It may also be helpful if someone has trouble with staying focused on certain tasks because once they complete those projects that take longer than expected, this can allow them to tackle other tasks with ease

When one knows that they have to take care of a project quickly because it is due soon, this can help them stay on track and better manage their time. If someone has trouble with staying focused on certain tasks, once they complete those projects that take longer than expected, then this gives them the opportunity to tackle other tasks more effectively so as not to waste any time or energy

Remove Yourself From Distraction

If someone has a difficult time staying focused or managing their time, it could be because they are being constantly distracted. If this is the case, then one should remove themselves from any distractions so as to better manage what needs to be completed and when it should take place by.

Removing oneself from distraction can help them get more work done in less time or allow for something that isn’t urgent to still have enough attention put into it if necessary

Another way to remove oneself from a distraction is by turning off all electronic devices while at home. This will give people greater focus on what’s important to accomplish without trying to divide their attention across multiple things such as social media accounts, text messages and email alerts. When one removes themselves from distractions it can help them become more focused in the tasks they have ahead of them if they’re not urgent or get done sooner rather than later

Complete Your Tasks on Time

To better manage your time and become more efficient, one should always try to finish on time.

Finish work before lunch every once in a while so that you can take advantage of those couple hours without any obstacles or interruptions later on when they are back at work again. This will also give them an opportunity to relax for a little bit beforehand since it’s rare that they would have this much free time otherwise

Another way someone could stay focused is by finishing up their tasks early instead of waiting until the last minute – which might cause them stress because there isn’t enough time left over. If one finishes their tasks early they could then move on to something else that is waiting

It also makes sense if someone finishes a task before it’s due so as not to put themselves under pressure or stress. If necessary, one can even ask for an extension from whoever assigned them the project and still have time left

It may also be a good idea to finish on time if one is working with someone else because this will give them the opportunity to take their turn in order before it’s too late. If they have more than what could reasonably be done then they might end up exhausting themselves, making mistakes or not being able to do anything

Finish on time and avoid being stuck with too many tasks. Try to take care of what needs done early and then move onto something else that is waiting so as not to overload themselves or end up working for hours without having much accomplished. It will also help them have a better sense of how they are managing

Stay Focussed

A person could stay more focused on their work by setting a timer for how long they have to complete it

This will allow them to know when they need to start working so that the time doesn’t go too quickly. By having an idea of how much time should be spent then one can better utilize what is left

When someone sets a timer, if the task isn’t completed before the end of it, this allows them to take a break and come back again later. This may also stop people from being bored because there are set periods in which they’re allowed to do other things while waiting for another round or cycle of completing tasks until all is finished

It’s important not only that you finish on time but also that you stay focused

It can be easy to get sidetracked and spend more time on something else, forgetting the original task at hand

Set a timer so as not to lose track of how much work needs done in order to keep focus. This will help them finish tasks early if they’re not urgent

I use Pomodoro technique to help me focus

I try to set a timer for 25 minutes and work on one task

When the time is up, I take a break of at least five minutes before starting again. This technique works really well when it comes to tasks that can be completed within this timeframe or items like emails where there’s only so much that can be done

Use Apps to Manage Time

One of the best ways to manage time is by using apps

Apps such as Habitica can help someone stay organized and know what they need to be doing. It also helps motivate them when they see how close they are to completing their tasks or reaching a new level in-game

It serves as a good alternative for those who don’t like writing down all their thoughts on paper – which might end up being more work than it’s worth because there won’t be anything left with nowhere else for these thoughts to go. One should try this technique if one may forget about something that needs to be done without having written it down somewhere first

Another useful app would be Clickup

It can be difficult to keep up with everything that one needs to be done

Clickup is an app where people can create their list of priorities and tasks, set deadlines for when they need to be completed, prioritize them based on what’s more important than the other, or even share these lists with others so that someone else will know if something has been forgotten. It also organizes all items in a way that makes it easier to find.

Change Old Habits

If you have a habit of procrastinating then you might want to change it. One way of doing this would be by setting a timer for when you need to complete it.

This will give you the help needed in order to get things done and not have time go so quickly without being productive

By using apps mentioned above then one can see what’s ahead, set deadlines or even break down tasks into sections (like having five minutes allotted at first so as not to overwhelm themselves) which makes it easier because there isn’t much time left before another round has started. This app also organizes everything better so nothing is missed and someone doesn’t accidentally end up forgetting about a deadline.

Avoid Multitasking

One of the worst things one can do is multitasking, as it will not let you be productive.

The reason for this being that it causes people to lose focus and also end up with more work because they’ve been doing two or three tasks at once

This will not help when time management is needed. It’s best if a person just sticks to writing down what needs done on paper, setting timers, checking their list (that may be organized by priorities) in order to know whether something has been forgotten or completed.

Delegate Tasks

If one doesn’t have time for something, they should delegate it

Delegating tasks can be done by either training someone to do this or asking a friend that has the skills needed

This is best if someone needs help with certain things and would rather not spend their own time getting to know-how.

It’s also good when you need more of an expert in order to get everything done right away without worrying about mistakes being made later on down the line because there will always be people available who might like the chance at doing what wasn’t originally thought possible (like delegating)

This is a good technique in order to get tasks done without losing time

Time is your most valuable asset. As you can see from the 15 steps of time management, it’s important to have a plan in place that will help you save time and use your resources effectively. How many of these tips do you already incorporate into your daily routine? Which one(s) are your favorite? Let us know by commenting below or on our social media page!

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